Nigeria Food

Being located in the rainforest; Nigerian food is varied and very rich. Most of the population lived off the land as subsistence farmers until the discovery of petroleum oil. They grew their own food and had surplus to export to other places. This is no longer the case as more people migrate to the cities in search of office jobs; but about 41% of the population are still engaged in agriculture.  

Over the years Nigerians have perfected their cuisines; using different herbs and spices to produce deeply flavoured soups and stews (sauces). These normally include tomatoes, spinach and chilli and are eaten with yam, corn, millet and other dough. Groundnut also features in lots of Nigerian food, the oil is used for frying food like plantain, potato, meat. Jollof rice is a speciality. 

Some foods grown in Nigeria include:

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, Cassava, Cocoyam, Yams
Black eyed beans
Plantain and bananas
Corn and maize

Vegetables include: spinach, bitter leaf, okra, ewedu, water leaf. Pumpkin , etc.
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Fruit: mangoes, Pineapple, lemon, berries, oranges and grapes. 

In addition to growing their own food, Nigerians raise cattle, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry. The indigenous people hunt for games in the forest, which they sell in the local markets or by road side. Any game not sold on the day of the catch is dried and sold at a later date.

     The rivers Niger and Benue; along with the Atlantic Ocean provide rich sources of sea food e.g. fish, Cray fish, crabs and shrimps.  These are occasionally used in very aromatic and flavoured pepper soups. 

Activity: Hold an international day and ask the Nigerian parents to donate food. 

Get cooking

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Make chin – chin
You need

·        1 cup of self raising flour
·        2 teaspoon caster sugar
·        1 teaspoon margarine
·        1 egg to bind
·        2 tablespoon water

What to do

1.    Mix the flour and sugar
2.   Rub in the margarine
3.   Add the egg and knead
4.   Add the water and knead to make a thick dough
5.   Roll out the dough to about 5cm thickness
6.   Use a sharp knife to cut out small squares about 5x5cm.
7.   Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.

Tip: Use chin-chin as nibbles in a party.
Take care not to eat too much, chin-chin is very filling.  

Challenge corner

Use these ingredients to prepare a meal:

1.    Yam
2.   Beef
3.   Crayfish
4.   Stock fish
5.   Spinach
6.   Tomatoes
7.   Okra

Tip: you could substitute rice for yam and use any other fish in season if it is difficult to find the above types.  

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