There are three levels of government in Nigeria:

Federal Level
The elected president is the Chief of State and Head of Government. He appoints his council of ministers . The president's powers are checked by the National Assembly who are elected members of the Senate and the House of  Representatives.

State Level
An elected Governor together with members of the State Assembly are in charge of individual state matters and revenue. They exercise their powers together with the Council of Chiefs.  The local ethnic Leader (king / Chief) must endorse any prospective Governor.

Local Level
This level helps give greater autonomy to minority ethnic groups within each state. There is an elected Chairman and Councilors who are members of the Ministry of Local Government at state level. The LA also helps to bring the Federal Government closer to the grass roots.

Students activities
How are decisions made in your school and local area?
Who is listened to? 

Write a letter to your school Chair of Governors about an issue you feel strongly about. 

Think, pair and share:

Imagine that you are the President of Nigeria for a day. What will you do? How will you influence decisions at Local Government level? 

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