Produce uses

Grated to make garri. Snack is made by mixing this with sugar and cold water. 

Garri dough mixed with hot water is eaten with soup as main course meal. 

Used for making tapioca. 

Used as thickening agent in cooking. 

Coconut clipart

Shelled or unshelled

Desiccated coconut - Shredded coconut fruit used in cooking e.g. baking,  

Coconut oil - Pressed from the fruit encased by the shell in the pod.  

Coconut water - Water in the middle of the shell is good for dehydration. 

Coconut cream - Pressed from the fruit encased by the shell in the pod used in Cooking e.g. spicing rice during cooking. 

Coconut milk – is juice from the pressed fruit encased by the shell in the pod.  

Toiletries –
Body creams, hair shampoo and conditioners, soap, body and hair oil are made from coconut oil derivatives. 

Household utensils - e.g. cups, plates, ornaments, made are from coconut shell. 

Long Brushes - are made from the straws.  

Other equipment made with coconut leaves include  Baskets, trays, handbags. 

Door mats are made from the fibre which encase and protect the coconut shell and fruit. 

Fashion accessories
Necklaces, rings, ear-rings, bracelets, brooches are made from coconut shells. 


Food -
Cocoa - A drink made from cocoa seeds that are in the pod. 

Chocolate - Made from ground  cocoa seeds (powder is mixed with sugar, milk and  other ingredients like vanilla). 

Dark chocolate is used to help patients with heart problems (cardiovascular ailments). 

Body creams, hair shampoo and conditioners, Body oil are made from cream and oil of cocoa. 

Soap - Cocoa butter is also made into soap. 

Cocoa cream - Cocoa butter made from processed cocoa powder. 

Lip balms - Made from cocoa seed oil. 

Medicinal  uses:
Medicinal soap - Black soap made from ashes of roasted cocoa pods is used for treatment of various skin disorders. 


Food uses:
Used in cooking to tenderise meat.
As fruit, full of vitamin c. 

Commercial uses:
Used in the manufacture of chewing gum. 

Medicinal  uses:
Antibacterial - used on wounds to stop infections. 

Leaves contain anti-malaria agents.  Used in the treatment of malaria. 

Used for treating digestion problems. 

Used in the treatment of slipped discs. 

Cosmetics uses-
Used in the production of toothpaste. 

Used in face-lifting treatments. 

Palm kernels
Margarine - Made from refined palm oil. 
Palm oil - From the pulp of the fruit 

Nut oil - From the nut after the pulp is removed. 

Toiletries -  
Body and hair oil are made from palm oil derivatives. 

Soap – Refined from the palm oil 

Recreational uses
Palm wine - Mild alcoholic drink got from the sap of the tree. 

Ground nuts
Free Stock Photo: A group of peanuts on a blue background 
Roasted peanuts eaten as snack or used in cooking. 
Crushed to make cooking oil. 

Added to food items e.g. chocolate 

Used for making Peanut butter  

Used in toiletry products e.g. soap 

Energy provider
Shells used as fuel 

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